Cecille is an unapologetic fashionista, hopeless romantic go-getter, optimist and dreamer.

She was born in the majestic mountains of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato- a small community in the Philippines where women literally wove their dreams into fabric. Her parents were teachers and social workers who fostered in her a sense of community, devotion to service, love for nature and zest for life.

As the oldest of four siblings and a nurse by vocation, Cecille is an innate caretaker. She  genuinely enjoys helping people create solutions to improve their quality of life. 

Cecille's passion is ‘client delight’ and is happiest when she sees a client's face light up from pure joy and satisfaction.

Her  excellent customer service and client relations experience came from her years working as Registered Nurse and, eventually, Head Nurse for The Health and Wellness Center at St. Luke's Medical Center-Global City in Manila. She catered to VIPs such as executives, statesmen, celebrities, star athletes and diplomats. In Bangkok,  she also worked at Bangkok Medical Center as cancer research officer and the executive medical assistant to a professor emeritus known as one of the best physicians in Thailand.

These two institutions are fully accredited by Joint Commission International, the gold standard of quality of care. There, she learned to harness the tools of her trade, and to implement the discipline and standards she has  come to expect from any reputable place of business.

It is these standards and attention to quality that is reflected in the service she provides. Since immigrating to the United States in 2013, she has cultivated the patronage of satisfied clients and their families in the Hudson Valley.  

Cecille resides in the Village of New Paltz with her husband Ian, their dog Dinosaur and cat Leno.

I believe in taking full advantage of each moment in life, as you do too. I take every day as an opportunity to be in touch with my creative side- exploring the arts, literature, music, food, the world. I believe in making choices and owning them. I want to share this holistic way of life with you. Improving your quality of life can lead you to a path of self-love and fulfillment.
— Cecille L Castillon