Homes take work! As projects come up, whether it be born out of urgency or creativity, we’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Here are some ways we’ve helped our clients maintain their homes and make it their own:

  • Compiling home improvement estimates

  • Vetting contractors, plumbers, electricians, handymen

  • Verifying references

  • Arranging visits from service providers (housekeepers, landscapers, etc)

  • Attending to on-site access for cable/ phone providers, etc.

  • Overseeing on-site home repairs

  • Preparing/styling homes for guests

  • researching furnishings

  • organizing meals

  • Watering indoor/outdoor plants

  • Opening and closing homes for the season

Need anything else?


  • Scheduling consultations and appointments

  • Setting up reminders for Annual Physical and Dental check-ups

  • Facilitating deliveries

  • Arranging car detail/service

  • Restocking supplies and groceries as needed

  • Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning and laundry

  • Posting mail/ packages

  • Picking up/dropping off pharmacy supplies

  • Grocery/ farmer's market shopping

  • Setting up flower purchases and delivery

  • Customizing gifts/presents for friends and family