Mel M.

“Cecille has been an amazing help to us prepare the house for company visiting; preparing table scapes, creating floral arrangements, organizing our house and helping me to store/donate items and connect me to cleaning ladies, etc. She has an amazing eye and a superb design and fashion sense.

I know that she is the person I would call if I needed a hand!”

Flynn F.

“I’ve known Cecille for years and I can swear by her ability to bring sunshine into any room! She’s one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met and she doesn’t treat her clients as customers. She treats them like they are family and gives them the TLC that they want and need.

When I had my daughter, she traveled 2.5 hours to bring me food and help me with the house. That’s dedication right there! She was a lifesaver!

Even diamonds can break under certain amount of pressure, but not this woman! You can put her in any situation and expect her to do what needs to be done and so much more!
Her perfectionism will reflect in the work that she does!

You don’t have to do it all. Cecille is here for you!”

Jessica C.

“Cecille is stylish, intelligent, and organized. She will help you in so many ways, it's staggering.

Plus, she's friendly and easy-going. I highly recommend working with her!”