CASTILLON Lifestyle + Concierge is both inspired by and dedicated to Cecille’s parents. Her father was an adventurer and jack-of-all-trades who lived life to the fullest.

He had a variety of interests and hobbies, including boxing, motocross, and basketball. He was an occasional teacher of history, literature, science and campus journalism. He also served as a newspaper correspondent for the coverage of the Palarong Pambansa (National Games) in South Cotabato.

Cecille's earliest training was at home under the tutelage of her Filipina mother who gave the keenest attention to detail. She wanted everything to be spic and span and beautiful. Cecille loved the smile and look of approval on her mother's face when household items were right where she wanted them to be.

As the big sister to the brood, Cecille was her mother's helper. Her favorite thing to do was to surprise her mother with a clean and organized home, so her mother could relax and put her feet up after a long day of work.


Like most parents, her Papa and Mama juggled home and professional life. They each had full-time careers in addition to being active participants in their family and community life.

Despite their always packed and busy schedules, they still managed to host parties for any occasion, and plan family vacations. Naturally they couldn’t have done this on their own(!) - they of course relied on their whole community, as everyone was good at something different. Just like when a local farmer would consult with her Papa about the latest in sustainable agricultural methods, that farmer’s wife may be helping her Mama cook for tomorrow’s fiesta.

After immigrating to the US she couldn’t help noticing how busy family life is here as well, while at the same time noticing how accessing that helpful local community of talent didn’t seem to be as seamless as it is back home in her country. As she made friends and met acquaintances, she came to realize the value of free time in such a fast paced society - free time that SuperParents long for so that they can have the space to fill that time with more family activities or to simply take a breather and relax. She came to understand where she fits in all of this, and what she can do to help.